What to Bring to Birth Center or Have Ready at Home

What to Bring to Birth Center or Have Ready at Home

Things to consider bringing to the Birth Center

  • Clothes for you and baby to go home in*
  • Car seat*
  • Packed bag including clothes for you and cash money in the event of a transfer
  • Robe for mom
  • Swim trunks for dad if he plans to get into the tub 
  • Swim top, t-shirt, or sports bra if you choose to wear anything during labor
  • Baby blanket to cover the baby when going home
  • Camera with spare batteries as well as a phone charger
  • Food for mom and support people. We cannot prepare food for you. We do supply limited snacks. Local restaurants have take-out and delivery options.
  • Any herbs, essential oils, and supplements you want to use. Please include your provider in your plan
  • Full tank of gas
  • Breast pump if available

* Required for going home.

Things to consider having ready at home

  • A comfortable place for you and the baby to rest. Preferably close to the bathroom and not upstairs
  • Pads (recommend NOT using Always pads), depends, chux pads for mom
  • Diapers for baby
  • Comfortable clothes for breastfeeding
  • Consider having the crib/bassinet ready for baby
  • Consider having a breast pump ready if needed (recommended, if available)
  • Medications for pain relief, Tylenol or Ibuprofen for cramps
  • Ice packs can also help soothe the bottom during the first couple of days, these can be made by taking a diaper or a thick pad and adding a half cup of water to it, laying it open, and place in the freezer 
  • A few meals made ahead of time in the freezer