OakLeaf Clinics Opens a Mothers' Milk Depot and Dispensary

OakLeaf Clinics Opens a Mothers' Milk Depot and Dispensary

Families in Eau Claire and the surrounding area can purchase pasteurized human donor milk or donate their excess breast milk at OakLeaf Clinics- OB/GYN, Eau Claire. Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes (Milk Bank WGL) and OakLeaf Clinics have partnered to provide these services. This joint effort increases access for approved donors and makes a difference in the lives of premature and at-risk babies throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

As a depot, OakLeaf Clinics will collect milk donations from donors screened and approved through Milk Bank WGL. The donations are then sent to the milk bank, where they are pasteurized to eliminate viruses and bacteria. The pasteurized milk is tested by a third-party lab and distributed to hospitals and outpatients in Illinois and Wisconsin. The site will also serve as a dispensary, where families can purchase pasteurized donor milk for short-term emergencies. Donor milk is an essential nutritional therapy with numerous benefits, including infection-fighting factors, growth hormones, and improved nutrition and digestion.

"We are incredibly grateful for the support we received from the Family Resource Center when establishing the region's first milk depot. Following the challenges of COVID-19, our second depot was established at Sacred Heart Hospital, where we were delighted to provide depot and dispensary services to many families. With the closure of Sacred Heart Hospital, we faced the task of finding a new home for our vital services. We were thrilled when OakLeaf Clinics - OB/GYN welcomed us with open arms, making the transition seamless and ensuring continued convenience for families. Their enthusiastic support reaffirms our mission, and we extend heartfelt thanks for their dedication. We are excited about the opening of our new depot and grateful for the opportunity to continue serving our community." Denyse Schroeder, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Sacred Heart Hospital.

OakLeaf Clinics- OB/GYN is an independently owned clinic committed to serving patients and providing quality personalized healthcare for short and long-term care. They have been providing care to the community for over 30 years. They are dedicated to providing patients with compassion, trust, and a lifetime of individualized care for many years to come. With the recent announcement concerning Sacred Heart Hospital, the physicians of Oak Leaf Clinics would like to reassure the community that they are committed to providing quality healthcare."

We are pleased to share that OakLeaf Clinics will now be the new Milk Bank WGL Depot and Dispensary location in Eau Claire, WI. As part of this amazing program, we are dedicated to providing families in our community with easy access to breast milk. We understand this resource's importance for infants' health and well-being, and we're honored to be a part of such a meaningful initiative." Nicole Frey, RN, OakLeaf Clinics OB/GYN.

Approved donors and families interested in dropping off milk or purchasing milk can access OakLeaf Clinics—OB/GYN at 715.836.9242 Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Before dropping off milk donations, it is always best to check with the site to verify availability.

Individuals interested in donating through Milk Bank WGL can visit www.milkbankwgl.org.