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Radiology Services In Chippewa Falls • Eau Claire

Our goal is to make the imaging experience seamless for you. And, our licensed, friendly techs will help ensure your test is as comfortable as possible.

Benefit from an experienced team of radiologists, medical physicists, nurses, and technologists whose expertise provides decision support to your physician.

Our advanced imaging technologies produce high-quality images very quickly, which helps ensure that you and your physician can get the results quickly. In addition, you can conveniently access your results online via MyChart.

Radiology Services

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Locations offering Radiology Services:

OakLeaf Clinics - Chippewa Falls
855 Lakeland Drive • Chippewa Falls

OakLeaf Clinics - Eau Claire Medical Clinic
3802 W Oakwood Mall Dr • Eau Claire

OakLeaf Clinics - Pine Grove Family Medicine: Stein
3221 Stein Blvd, Suite 4 • Eau Claire