Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Have you noticed more veins running through your breast as you continue through pregnancy? This is a very common occurrence as these veins are helping to transport all the nutrients and fluids you will need after the baby arrives (if you plan to breastfeed or pump). 

Your breast size will continue to grow through pregnancy with the purpose of providing milk to your baby. There are some tricks to help prevent sagging or stretch marks later even after the baby arrives which will include making sure you are wearing a supportive maternity/nursing bra. While your breasts will continue to grow, they can also become tender or sensitive again like at the beginning of pregnancy. This is because there is increased blood flow as well as stretching and increasing in size. If you prefer not to wear a bra while lounging at home but are having tenderness and sensitivity you could try wearing a cotton sports bra to help with support, as well as using heat or cold to help combat discomfort.

In preparations, your body is taking for having a baby your nipples may stand out more or become darker in color. These are all normal changes in the third trimester.

If you are having increased breast pain in pregnancy, please consult your provider.

Along with the breast changes listed above, the closer you get to birth they may start leaking a thin yellow fluid, Colostrum. This is the first taste of breast milk the baby will get when born. Colostrum has many proteins and antibodies for the baby. If it becomes bothersome you can always wear a breast pad or even a menstrual pad to help absorb the fluid prior to the baby's arrival. If you do not experience any of this leaking of fluid, do not worry as this does not happen to everyone.